when I’m with you I feel like I’m home

when I’m with you I feel like I’m home

Don’t know how to just spit these words out
Without making them sound like they don’t come from a cloud
Something divine brought you to my front door
Never wanted to shout it this loudly before

Girl you feel just like heaven on tap
How can you ask me to just give up or stop
You’re my air my water my earth and my fire
Hold me back down before I fly higher

Wish I could say just stay and be friends
But I don’t really think this heart can be bent
It rhymes to your rhythms, your rock and your roll
Your beat is the anthem to my old dancing soul

Girl you taste like sweet honey in tea
You’re my passion, my power, my poison, my plea
How could you ask me to put you aside
I will not pretend to say I won’t die

I want you to pick me so I can pick you
First and not second because I felt it too
I need you to hold me and never let go
When I am with you I feel like I’m home.

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