hurricane through my heart

hurricane through my heart

I had fallen sleep just to wake within a dream
the audacity of my heart to think it was ready to feel
like layers of an onion you peeled back the soft shield
exposing my lifeblood, turning it blue to fiery red
injecting your passion like adrenaline to my groggy head

You said you had impenetrable walls and stone towers
but all I could see were fields of dreams and hills of flowers
running through your hair fate’s wind caught your sail
rolling waves carried you above oceans of mysteries
with dark waters filled with tears, fears and histories beneath

If you had an anchor it would not have even mattered
you smashed across the reef, over my beach your hull shattered
you stepped to my rocky shore and drove a flag in to the sand
destiny always knew that this was your long sought after land
how you discovered salvation, yet I was but the lost and lonely man

I had given up on hope, my faith whittled down to just a leaf
budding at the end of a my thick bark, a lone branch did reach
into the sands about my roots you watered me with wine
loosening my guard, you cut away brittle and chafing twine
by releasing my stiff limbs, you finally let me breath

Opening my hatch I let you in the cellar of my soul
inhaling your spirit, I recall how it felt to be whole
holding my breath like a fish scooped out from it’s bowl
I grabbed your hand and swore that I would never let you go
you lay down next to my body, saying this was your forever home

Oh my love, what have we done
somehow baby girl, we came undone
since the morning after that smoky ash night
I have been searching for the beacon
of your bright, guiding light

Your hurricane blew right through my open heart
the roof is now gone, rains filling up my eyes
scrambling for the door I suddenly realize
the walls of our shack are all over the floor
oh my sweet love, we’ve come undone

I pick up the pieces of our blown out house
calling out your name, but nothing else sounds
just the stirring of a disheveled wet little mouse
yet somehow I found strength, and I lit a damp fire
fanned up the flames, the smoke billowed higher and higher

Please baby please, won’t you follow my signal
if I have to burn this all down right to the ground
at least it will keep this life somewhat simple
so come baby girl, follow the light over to me
and not back down, in to the dark, bottomless sea.