the man in the tree

the man in the tree

the man in the tree he’s looking at me
saying get out and go see the world today
tomorrow won’t wait and yesterdays gone
lost among the seas of murky histories

have you ever run for a fading rainbow
sat on down to listen to the river flow
did you ever sit out in the pouring rain
fall in love and then break your heart again

the clearing at the end of this winding path
has never ever been so close to its wrath
with the king in his tower and the bell ringing near
the beam starts to tremble beneath his dark fear

one day when I’ve seen all that I can believe
I’ll go back to talk to the man in the tree
share my deepest stories of wonders and walls
and laugh about all of my perils and falls

have you ever chased the howling wind
or lay down on the earth to ponder your sins
do you remember wishing on that bright star
the end of your story won’t be too near or too far

the close of the path opens to a bright clearing
for the warm winds of Ka are never worth fearing
you’ll find me waiting inside a grain of sand
shading my memory of a long forgotten land

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