if you gonna play with snakes you gonna get bit

if you gonna play with snakes you gonna get bit

I stayed up late to watch world leaders debate over what was goin on in the world today. It’s scary how it’s so surreal now that their tv’s rotted all of our brains out. Whole countries sittin down in a class room of clowns while the rest of us flounders and eventually drowns. Tryin to make some sense of where we goin next and doin it all in some global consent.

We got Kofi Annnan tryna stand up to the man and save them babies from the wars and the rabies. Camera angles zoom on rulers of doom with pink slips pointin ’em to the detention room. Can this really be the voices of you and me? The peeps who represent all who are to be? It freaks me out to see what it’s about and not be allowed to stand up and shout.

Just in time Georgie showed up to rhyme, perfecting the same old nickel and dime. Freedom, democracy and liberty prevail while the diesel starts to sieze and fail. These wars keeps gettin wickedly sicker as their bullshit keeps stacking up thicker. Aren’t we all gettin a little sick and tired of apologizing for all these monkeys we hired?

I don’t give a damn what was or wasn’t conspired, people wake the fuck up these guys are just liars! If we stand around lettin them gain ground, then we’s gonna wake up dead wet and drowned. I ain’t sayin that either them evils are any better, just that this system’s fucked and it don’t even matter. We got two beggars fightin over a crown of thistles cuz they both got hard ons for interceptor missiles.

This shit ain’t gonna end, it just be changin faces as we goin with around all of the bases. Dont despair it ain’t over yet, we got a lot to see before we forget. Spare us your practed stares of contempt, look at yourself cuz you ain’t exempt. This has got to change and change right now, so let’s see you on knees begging God, just how.

Peace out my peeps cuz I’m done with this shit, if you gonna play with snakes then you gonna get bit.

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