Stained Like Cathedral Windows

Stained Like Cathedral Windows

last night was the first time dreaming in what felt like forever

can’t say for sure yet it felt like I finally found you out there

as if we’d never been apart but just lost among the sands

suddenly we slipped between the cracks in destiny’s hands


do you also get a warm familiar feeling reminding your old soul

of a place or time in history when you and I were whole

universal and undeniable truths, infinitely etched into stone

never giving up our search, even if we were scared, tired or alone


do you also lie awake at night pondering over all your choices

sifting through your mind reeling from so many different voices

loud ones quiet ones others that you simply can’t bear to stand

they all have something to say it’s up to you to pick a strand


around thousands of lifetimes spinning on eternal rinse cycles

soundtracks of our memories never skipping a groove on the vinyl

igniting passions and prejudices that just can’t ever be explained

like colours of cathedral windows our hearts will always be stained

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