Immortality found

Immortality found

I simply can not even begin to explain

As if I had not even known that old pain

Cheeks burning bright and hot for a day

Smiling so wide each time that she’ll say



Scared to believe that this could be real

Trained myself well just how not to feel

Watch me throw caution out to the wind

Holding her hand all fears will abscind



Shivers and tingling up and down my spine

Blood running deeper than any gold mine

Dreams floating higher than a thundering cloud

Her heart pounding my chest it’s so damn loud



Don’t care for what was in a yesteryear

Nor do I know where tomorrow will steer

There she found me adrift on the ocean

Reeled me in hooked on a love potion

Oh my


Pounding wings thrust to take off in flight

Riding on dragons that bathed in moonlight

Sailing on stardust by cosmic light breezes

Immortality’s found and then time just freezes

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