hey there pretty lady

hey there pretty lady

hey there pretty lady, are you smiling bright today
are the first days of summer melting all your chills away
did sparrows wake you softly with love songs this dawn
or were you already awake when sol’s rays did spawn

hey there sexy girl, did you dream in colour last night
did you try surfing the heavens on blades of starlight
or were you snuggled down deep under a warm cozy blanket
with your head stuck to a pillow like a penny to a magnet

hey there funny gal, did you laugh until your belly burst
sharing pints of good times instead of quenching your thirst
did you dance the night through until the very early morning
or throw caution to the wind and heed no clear warning

hey there crazy lover, did you sail the oceans of passion
savouring each wave as if they were priceless rations
did you feel bumps goose with the tease of sweet whispers
or did the rough sea leave you burned with hot sand blisters

hey there pretty lady, did you feel the delicate touch
when I reached out to tickle you with words that can clutch
I really do hope that is was your brilliant smile today
that helped to keep all the drizzling rain clouds away

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