Between navel and honey pot

Between navel and honey pot

she’s got hazel brown eyes
that melts any state of mind
with a captivating smile that
bends the fabrics of time

fine hair like silk wire
sliding over her shoulders
teasing such playfulness
yet tempting you to tug

this girl she’s got class
her style is one of her own
she knows just what she wants
so now you’ve got to show

that you can find the tickle
between her cheek and her neck
which crumbles her defences
and puts her in a sweat

do you have the right words
to whisper deep in her ear
that makes her bite a lip
begging you never give in

can you find the place
between navel and honey pot
making her whole body tremble
and quiver in your firm lock

do you have the strength
and the power to resist
this girl has got talons
and you know she’ll dig in

her skin is so hot that
sweat drips off it in beads
as the touch of your hands
turns her want to a need

now this girl she has you
and if careful you just might
get a glimpse of a true angel
when day turns to the night

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