Her sky blue ocean deep crystalized diamond eyes

Her sky blue ocean deep crystalized diamond eyes

Ever wonder if some times things happening in alternate realities make things happen in this one? Such as meeting someone in the most random, unexpected way? I think that’s what may have happened, or it could even be happening right now. I don’t want to jinx anything, but if there’s one thing that I’ve learned in this amazing life is that you should never go against the grain of the universe; multi-verse cosmic razor burn really sucks!

Not too long ago, destiny took me on an adventure that I will never forget. It was a Saturday, and I had just spent the better part of it ripping apart and replacing a toilet in my house. What a crappy job (literally) but it had to be done, and thankfully as the son of an engineer and a general DIY master, I managed to get the job done right the first time.

I checked out my Facebook feed as I sat down with a left over vegan stir-fry, and excitedly remembered that my buddy Warren was celebrating his 25th birthday (oh to be that young again) out on the West side, somewhere close to Fintry but definitely off the beaten track up in the mountains. I called Jon to see if he was going, but he fed me a list of excuses that was really just a cover for him being a lazy introvert, so I decided I was going to find this mountain party myself.

I looked at Warren’s post about the party, and laughed at how lax the directions were. Turn off Westside road on to a logging road, then turn right on to another logging road, and somewhere around 18kms… that was it. I laughed, but felt a strong urge to just do it. So I packed some food, beer and tequila along with my car-camping essentials (foam mattress, pillows, sleeping bag, toilet paper, hiking stick) and hit the road.

I love driving the Westside Road, so windy and hilly with challenging corners that if you miss by the slightest misjudgement, you’ll plummet hundreds of meters down a cliff in to the lake. So naturally, I sped the entire road at least 30 over the limit. Music makes everything better, and I was cranking out some really groovy tunes from my Soundcloud feed.

By the time I found the second logging road, I realized that I was literally going completely off-grid without telling anyone where I was. I used the last bit of service that I still had to call Jon and told him that if I didn’t check in by noon the next day, he could have my gun collection… but he should probably still send out a search party just to be fair. I had been hoping that he might have had been out to this spot before, but he hadn’t so I gave him a GPS of my location and then cranked the tunes back up. It was now dark, and I was about to get lost in the best way ever.

About 10 clicks in I came up on a parked SUV and a local girl standing on the side of the road, so I slowed, stopped and got out to chat. She had no idea of any party, but told me to keep going and maybe I would luck out. Luck was about to turn in to a bizarre, amazing twist of fate.

I made it all the way to the end of the logging road, which was essentially a cul-de-sac, and there was a beaten up old driveway that went up a very steep bumpy mountain trail, but I was not confident that my 2WD cross-over would make it up so I turned around and started back… when all of a sudden, I saw the flicker of a campfire nestled in the woods on the opposite side of the road with the driveway. I drove up the road a few hundred feet, and found a driveway entrance with a big whiteboard sign and a bunch of names written on it. “Welcome [so-and-so], [them-and-theirs]” but no mention of my buddy Warren.

I decided to fore-go the multiple warning signs of “Private Property” and “No Trespassing”, and drove up to within a hundred feet of the campfire. I shut the car off, grabbed my flash light, and started trekking towards the light. At this point, a voice in my head piped up, “Hey, you know this is how people get shot. Creeping up on people in the forest, in the pitch black, on private property. You’re probably going to die, just saying.” I nervously chuckled the voice away, and kept going. As I got within earshot of the campfire, I started to flicker my flash light so that I was at least announcing my entrance without just popping out of the shadows.

“Hey. Are you a cop?” Oh my god, Daniel you really could get shot here.

“No! Sorry to intrude like this guys, I’m looking for a friend. Would there by chance be a Warren here?”

“A Warren? No Warren here buddy! Do you mean maybe Jacques?”

I stepped in to the light of the camp fire, and here is where I met the girl that I have not been able to get out of my mind since. Sitting down to the left of the fire was a friendly guy named Drew, and this was his property. Standing to the right of the fire were two girls, and Drew introduced them as his ‘guests’. Turns out that Drew had purchased 40 crazy acres of mountain woodland, and started building custom cabins which he rented out as AirBnB retreats.

To be honest, I don’t remember what her sister’s name is, so we will call her sister, and then there was Chelsea. From the first time I saw her eyes flashing brilliantly in the fire, I felt my whole world melting. She had the most intoxicating smile, and I could tell right away that she very much liked the fact that I had just magically appeared out of the forest like a wizard.

“Hey do you want a beer?” she asked me, and at that moment I wanted the rest of the world to just dissolve around us so that I could grab her tiny waist and say something cheezy like “What I really want is your lips…” I had to shake my head to get back to reality.

“Umm, actually I have a bunch of beer and tequila in my car… would it be okay if I grabbed it and shared it with you guys?” I directed my question mainly at Drew, as I had still yet to determine what the dynamic of this group was. He smiled and beckoned me to go grab my car and park it up by the fire.

“Sweet! I’ll be right back!” I literally skipped back to my car, mesmerized in my thoughts of her eyes, and that devilishly sweet smile…

Once I got to the car, I shot off a quick text to Warren to let him know that I was lost but had met some people, and that he should message me or call me as soon as possible if he could. I ripped the RVR up to the campfire, and grabbed my tequila and beer. This was so random! But so fun 🙂

As I approached the campfire, I noticed that the girls were huddled in a little whisper while they laughed and undoubtedly talked about Drew and me. “Hey, I really do hope that it’s okay that I’m intruding on your campfire and party here! Can I make it up with some shots of tequila?!”

“Yeah man, of course! Besides now we are more balanced out.” Drew chuckled as I cracked a beer and cheersed him. I turned to Chelsea and her sister, and offered a beer, but it was clear that she was more interested in the unopened bottle of tequila in my other hand.

“Do you have any cups? Unless we are just shooting straight out of the bottle, but then we’ll have to do 360 shots, just because.”

Chelsea’s sister walked over to the cooler and grabbed some plastic cups as Chelsea asked “What are 360 shots?”

“Umm, well probably not the safest things to do around an open campfire. Basically you hold the bottle to your lips, raise it straight up and you start taking swigs as you spin around in a 360 degree circle. But yeah, let’s just use the cups this time.”

I poured everyone a double shot of Hornitos Black Barrel and we cheersed. I’m pretty sure someone shot the whole thing but I don’t know who it was. I laughed and talked a little about how good tequila should be sipped, not shot. It wasn’t long before I refilled the cups and started to feel the warmth of the tequila match the warmth of the campfire.

I felt so comfortable sitting with these people I had just met, and I was doing my best not to pay too much attention to Chelsea who was sitting just to my right. I really didn’t know what the dynamic of the group was, and the last thing I wanted to do was make anyone uncomfortable, or worse, get into a fight over.

I started to ask Drew questions about what he was doing, living all the way up in the mountains. He went on for a little bit talking about his past from back East, how he moved to BC, and then bought his mountain acreage. All in all, he seemed like a really cool, chill guy.

Wasn’t too long before the conversation got a little more personal, and it was then that I realized that Chelsea was working pretty hard to get her sister and Drew hooked up. So we all took turns talking about ourselves, single, kids, yadda yadda yadda. When Chelsea mentioned that she had two boys, 5 and 8, I couldn’t pretend to not pay attention to her anymore.

God she was beautiful, and the flickering light from the campfire danced across her face in a tantalizing motion that highlighted her dangerously seductive eyes. We talked about our kids, showed each other photos on our phones. She laughed about her youngest boys gap tooth grin and I told her how my daughter has the same thing.

When she dropped the bomb that she was married, I felt my heart start to sink. Oh no, but no real surprise there. The good ones are almost always taken. “But we’ve been separated for 2 years now.” Oh… okay then.

“So you’re single then?” Jeez Daniel, that was slightly obvious.


“And are you enjoying it?” Okay come on dude, you’re being weird.

A slight hesitation, and then she nodded her head but not too convincingly. Well, maybe there’s something here then.

“How about you? Single?”

“Oh yeah, going on 4 and a half years now.” Okay we need to change course here slightly.

“How about you Drew? Married? Kids?”

“Oh, no and no, but definitely a real heartbreaker of a back story. Maybe for another time haha.”

This was around the time that Chelsea started murmuring things next to me, just quiet enough for me to hear. Basically she was trying to wing man her sister in to this guys arms. Yeah this girl was the type who would be quiet for the most part, but after a couple drinks, the fire inside would just come blazing out. I liked this girl.

Somehow we got on to the topic of astrological signs, and lo and behold, turns out that Chelsea was an Aquarius, just like me. I had guessed that she was a Scorpio, just because of the fire in her eyes and the fact that I felt such a strong pull to her, but it made sense that we were both air signs. It could be good, or bad. Yet to be seen I guess.

Right around this time, my phone lit up and it was Warren calling me. I answered the call, but the connection was terrible, so I told him to send me a Facebook message with his GPS coordinates. A few minutes later I got the message, and that was where things started to get really funny.

Turned out that Warren and his party were up the steep driveway that I had encountered at the end of the road. They were literally on the other side of the main road. I showed Drew the map and he laughed, “Yeah man that’s Jacques place!” How random.

I messaged Warren back and told him where I was. I really didn’t want to leave this party, and I’m pretty sure it was obvious. Chelsea asked me as soon as I turned my phone off, “So, does this mean you’re leaving us?”

“Uh, to be honest I’d rather stay here with you guys for a bit if that’s okay? I mean, I’m sure that Warren and his friends are going to be partying all night, so I can always go up there in a little bit. Is that cool?”

Drew and the girls all agreed that I should stay, so I had no problem putting off leaving them for a little while longer. Chelsea even went so far as to say “you can’t leave now, we won’t be balanced!” Oh my god girl, you are too cute, but if anyone is about to lose their balance…

The girls scampered off in to their cabin to gossip, and Drew and I quietly laughed at them. I was still a little unsure of the whole dynamic, and whether or not he had anything going on here with Chelsea, so I just brought it up as casually as I could manage. Drew laughed. “No dude, I’m pretty sure she’s in to you. Probably because you both have kids, but yeah it’s pretty obvious she likes you.”

This is so weird! I feel like I’m in a different reality right now.

“Well, whatever happens tonight, I just want to say thanks for letting me crash your campfire and hang out.”

“No worries bro! You’re more than welcome to stay here.”

“Thanks Drew, that’s awesome.”

The girls tumbled out of the cabin, giggling and whispering to each other. Chelsea stomped up to the campfire and had little hesitation in telling us loudly what she assumed we had been talking about, and then proceeding to mumble more hints of how Drew should be making a move on her sister already. No inhibitions here, that was for sure.

All of a sudden, the ripping loud throttle of a quad engine cracked the forest calm. Oh snap, here comes the calvary.

“Ah ha ha! I’ll bet that’s Warren looking for me!”

Sure enough the lights of the quad turned off the main road and down in to Drew’s property. We all laughed and anxiously awaited for the next unexpected guest to show up at this quiet mountain retreat. I sure hope that Drew isn’t going to regret his decision to let me stay, because I’ve seen how wild Warren can get…

The lights bobbed and weaved through the forest until they arrived at the campfire, and then killed the engine.

“Hey! Is there a Dan here?”

Laughter and cheers erupted as I yelled back “HEYYY WARREN! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!” We ran up to each other and hugged each other, almost jumping and down like school yard buddies. We laughed and clapped each other on the back.

“Dude! So crazy that you found us! I’m so glad that you came!”

“Me too man! Hey let me introduce you to everyone. This is Drew, and this is his place. And this is Chelsea, and her sister… shit I’m sorry I forgot your name…”

“Hey, I’m Angela.”

“Hey! Nice to meet you. So what’s up? Do you guys want to come up to our party or what? You’re all more than welcome!”

I turned to look at Chelsea and asked them “What do you say? Want to go on an adventure?” This is so random, but I really want you to come, please say yes.

I think Drew was the first one to agree. He was clearly excited to go and meet his neighbour Jacques, and Chelsea poked and prodded her sister in to agreeing.

“Okay yeah, we’ll come up there in a bit!”

“Sweet man. Okay we have to go down the road for a bit to pick up another friend, but we’ll see you up there. You know where to go?”

Drew told Warren that we were good, so we hugged it out again and then they left. This is hilarious!

“Too funny! I really hope you’re all okay with this. I’ll feel bad if you were just wanting a quiet, peaceful evening, and then I invade your getaway and now bring my crazy friends to the party, or sorry, bring you to their crazy party!”

“Oh no worries man, totally cool. I’ve been wanting to go meet my neighbour for a while, so this is perfect. As long as you girls are okay with it too?”

Chelsea was clearly okay with anything right now, and her sister was okay to play along for the time being, so it was agreed. We were going on a late night adventure through the woods.

“Alright, we will leave in a few minutes. Let’s just knock the fire down a bit and then we’ll drive my truck down to my house, and walk from there.” Drew started to spread the logs apart in the campfire, and we finished up our drinks while the girls got themselves ready.

Once the fire was smoldering and the girls were ready, we walked over to Drew’s truck. “So, I’ve only got room up front for 1 person, which means 2 people will need to ride in the back.” Chelsea’s sister b-lined for the cab, so Drew dropped the tailgate for the pickup and Chelsea and I hopped on to the end of it. I had my bottle of tequila, case of beer, and my arm around Chelsea with her snuggled in to my side. Her body felt amazing next to mine, like a perfect fit. We laughed as the old truck bumbled down the bumpy dirt road and we clung to each other, desperately trying not to bounce off.

Thankfully the ride was short as the tailgate wasn’t very comfortable and I almost dropped the beer. After dropping off the truck we started walking across the property while Drew pointed out his various toys and gear. Chelsea hung off my arm, squeezing my bicep in a playful and teasing way. Times like this I wished I had bigger pipes but whatever, she seemed to enjoy holding on so I wasn’t going to complain.

We drunkenly stumbled across the cow pasture and by the time we made it to the road, Warren and his friends were driving back down the road. Perfect timing!

Warren and his buddy were on the quad, and then a couple of friends were driving in a Toyota 4runner. Chelsea’s sister got pulled up on the back of the quad by Warren, and Drew climbed in the back of the 4Runner.

“Who’s getting on the front of the quad?!” yelled Warren’s buddy. I looked at Chelsea at asked her if she wanted to ride on the quad, or go in the 4Runner.

“Hey! I want both of you up front, right here!” Warren’s buddy was not having it any other way, so we giggled and as we both hopped on the front of the quad. I pulled Chelsea in really close, wrapping my right arm all the way around her slender waist, and then grabbing the front grill with my left hand to keep us solid.

“Alright! Let’s go!!”

As soon as we started rolling, Chelsea and I started laughing. This is so hilarious! And so awesome!! God, she feels so good in my arms.Her legs slid up over mine, and I pulled her in even closer. There was no way that I was letting her go now.

We turned up the steep bumpy driveway and we all started howling and laughing. 5 people on a 2 man quad must have been quite the sight, but from my perspective it was the most fun I’d had in such a long time. I yelled out “Bump!” and “Rock!” to give our driver and passengers some heads up. Chelsea laughed in my ear and snuggled in under my arm.

A couple of minutes later and we pulled in to a large open area that was lit by a roaring campfire, surrounded by quite a few people and their campers, trucks and tents. Dogs started barking and we started hollering. The party had arrived.

As the quad came to a stop, I gently slid Chelsea off my lap on the ground. She stayed close and right in front of me, her brilliant diamond eyes flashing in the campfire, those devilishly sinful lips calling my name. There was no doubt about it, this girl had me in her sights.

I didn’t hesitate for a second. I pulled her in to me and brought my lips down to hers. Instantly I knew that my soul had been searching for hers, for a long time. The entire world disappeared when I kissed her, and I felt her melt in to me like there was no beginning or ending between us. It was by far the best first kiss that I have ever had in my life.

Even though it was just for a moment, I locked that memory in to the bank forever. I opened my eyes and looked in to hers. Who are you? And where have you been all my life? We laughed, and then I took her hand and pulled her over to the fire.

Introductions around, but I don’t remember anyone. I was only thinking about Chelsea, and every time I looked over at her, she was looking at me, smiling, knowing we were thinking of the same thing. All I wanted to do was pull her in to some shadows behind a tree and taste those lips one more time.

Warren introduced us to Jacques, the owner of the property, and it wasn’t more than 5 minutes before he and Drew had disappeared off to his cabin, presumably to show off all of his toys. I honestly wasn’t paying attention to anything or anyone other than the girl who had just stolen my heart.

We weren’t at the campfire for very long, maybe 45 minutes, before Chelsea’s sister decided she wanted to go back to their cabin. We had to wait for Drew to get back from his bromance with Jacques, but once he did, we all said good bye and started walking back to Drew’s place. Chelsea hung on my arm as we stumbled down the steep dirt road, and her sister walked next to Drew.

As we got closer to Drew’s house, I could feel some excitement building up inside of Chelsea. Her fingers dug ever so teasingly in to my arm, and she started to whisper things to me that I could just barely catch. Clearly she wanted her sister to go back to Drew’s house with him, and as we came to the fork in the road, it seemed like that was what was going to happen. They veered off towards Drews house, and Chelsea and I silently walked up the road towards her cabin. She was now digging her fingers in to my bicep and giggling at the fact that she felt like a little cupid matchmaker.

Until we heard her sister’s footsteps running up behind us.

“Hey! Wait for me!”

I felt the bubble of excitement and anticipation in Chelsea quickly deflate. I’m not going to lie, there was a small part of me that felt a little disappointed too, but in all honesty, I was mostly relieved.

If it had just been the two of us back at her cabin alone, things would have undoubtedly accelerated in to a very passionate and physical night, and I was feeling torn about it because obviously I wanted to tear her clothes off and ravage her body all night long, but… I felt a strong conviction to hold back on that urge.  I felt that there was something very special about meeting Chelsea, and I didn’t want to ruin it by immediately jumping in to something physical. She was also very drunk, and I’m just not okay with that. So even though I felt a sting of jealousy that I wasn’t going to have some alone time with her, I was really relieved that there was going to be a very good excuse for us to behave, at least for now.

We trudged back up to the cabin, and Chelsea’s sister was a little peeved about the fact that we had knocked down the fire before we left, so I helped to build it back up again. What do I do here? Should I stick around, or go back up to Warren’s party? Ugh.

I didn’t want to impose on these girls, but I didn’t want to leave Chelsea just yet. I definitely didn’t want to be a third wheel, especially an uninvited one, but I also didn’t want to leave an impression that partying with my friends was more important than hanging out with this girl. I decided to play it out by ear.

Apparently the cabin was freezing because nobody had stocked up the woodstove before we left, so Chelsea and I brought some logs in to the cabin. After we had the fire lit and the stove was pumping out heat, we realized that we were in the cabin, alone, in the dark. So what if the door was open, I wanted her on my lips again.

I grabbed her and kissed her deeply. My hands cupped her head, and it felt like I was holding a missing piece of my soul. Her body arched in to mine and she moaned in to my ear as I kissed her neck and behind her ear. Every touch of my lips on her skin released a sensation of electricity that almost made me see stars. I clumsily lost my balance and we almost fell over. Let’s not do that again, especially standing right next to a wood stove.

We laughed quietly to ourselves, and she nervously checked the door to make sure that we weren’t being watched by her sister. I honestly didn’t care, but I also didn’t want for Chelsea to be uncomfortable. I also knew that I had to behave here, so I whispered in Chelsea’s ear, “I’m going to go make my bed in my car… and then, meet you by the campfire?”

I decided that unless either of the girls asked me to leave, I was going to just camp out in my car. I really didn’t want to go up to Warren’s party, it was late and if I could sneak a few more moments with Chelsea, it was worth sticking around. I got in my car and backed it about 30 or 40 feet away from the cabin to a spot that was level, and out of sight and ear shot. Maybe in my mind I was secretly hoping that Chelsea would slip in to my cozy car tent, but just the thought of that started to make me nervous so I put it out of my head as best as I could.

After I had folded down my seats, spread out my foam mattress and made bed, I made my way back up to their cabin and campfire. Chelsea was in her car, taking out her contact lenses.

I stepped back in to the light of the fire and chatted with her sister. Shit, what was her name? Annie? Erin? Damn dude, you suck at remembering people’s names. I didn’t really know what to talk to her about, so I brought up Drew and how I was surprised that she didn’t go hang out with him for a bit. She seemed to think that he wasn’t really interested, but I told her I thought different. “He’s just playing hard to get or something, probably had his heart broken. He seems like a really good guy though.” She agreed, but still seemed pretty sceptical that he was in to her.

Then Chelsea snuck up on my left, and I got a look at her with her glasses on. Once again, the rest of the world melted away. I’ve always had a thing for really cute girls with dorky glasses, and she fit the build like I had never imagined. She had the look of a sexy nerdy girl, who on the outside looked like she could be as bad as the devil himself but on the inside was as sweet as a chocolate flavoured angel dripping in honey. Totally irresistible. I had to take a step back from the camp fire just in case I lost my balance or fainted.

She moved really close to me, and I reached my left arm behind her back, trying not to pull her in too close but letting her know that I didn’t want her to be any further away than she was. She flashed the sexiest smile up at me, and it took every ounce of restraint in my body and soul to stop myself from just grabbing her right in front of her sister.

I’m pretty sure we all talked about something while we stood around the fire, but I don’t remember what it was. My mind was elsewhere, and my hand was gently teasing and tugging at the back of her jeans and underwear. Ya you’re damn right I’m going to tease you, because it’s just not fair how much you’re turning me on right now and there’s nothing we can do about it. She kept flashing looks at me, and then at her sister. The tension was pretty obvious, and the struggle was real, but god she felt amazing next to me.

Then, to my utter dismay, Chelsea said that she was going to bed. My heart sank, and I made it obvious that I wanted a moment alone with her. I pulled her in close as her sister disappeared away for a moment to brush her teeth or something. I looked down at the sweetest, sexiest and most tempting face that even my best dreams cannot to compare with, and I kissed her again. My fingers slipped in to her hair as my other hand wrapped around her waist. Her lips were soft, small, and yet knew exactly how to speak with mine as our tongues twisted and darted in a dance, as if they had known each other from a different life.

She started to push herself away and I bit her lip just hard enough to make her stop and gasp, and then dive back in to me for a deeper and harder kiss that only true lovers know how to do. I could feel her heart rate rising, the arch in her back tightening as she lifted her body up against mine. We knew that we had to stop, but neither of us wanted to. Her fingers reached up around my throat and she squeezed. Fuck yes, you know exactly how to treat me. Go ahead, see how hard you can squeeze me, it will only make me want you more.

Woah, slow it down bro. Tell her that you like her, but don’t be a dumb ass about it.

“Hey. So I want to see you again, is that cool?”  She nodded.

“Mmkay you little fireball, then you better get to bed. I’ll see you in the morning.”

I pulled her in close and kissed her again. I didn’t want this to end, but I could sense she was really tired, and I didn’t want there to be any disappointment in the night. Everything had turned out so good.

“Okay. Sweet dreams.”

“You too.”

I watched her skip back to her cabin. I stood by the fire, mesmerized by the taste of her on my lips, the warmth of her body left against mine, the smell of her hair on my hands. I felt like I had just met an angel, an ocean blue diamond eyed crystal child who was an old soul just like me, with a young heart and a fire burning inside… just like me.

It’s no wonder that we were both Aquarius. She’d try to tell you that she’s a better one, which might be true, but I couldn’t care less who would win that race. I just knew that if there was a race, I’d want to finish it with her.

That night I slept alone in my car, and woke up early the next morning feeling amazing. I hiked around Drew’s property for a bit to see everything in the daylight, and by the time I got back, she was awake and just coming back from the bathroom.

We didn’t talk much. I didn’t want to linger longer than necessary, so I asked her if we could hang out again and she said yes, and so we exchanged numbers. We hugged it out briefly, but I could still feel the warmth in her hug. I felt that last night really was meant to happen the way it did. It really was a night that I’ll remember forever, and hopefully she does too. Destiny has a funny way of making things come together, and I felt like that night was the universe saying “Here you go kids, you deserve it.”

Driving back on the logging road, I cranked up the tunes and sang my heart out like a rock star. It was the seriously the best drive ever, coming back from a night of getting lost in the mountain woods, and having being found by a beautiful familiar soul that I couldn’t wait to see again.

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