Somewhere out in that great big sea

Somewhere out in that great big sea

Just in case you might actually read this,
Despite the fact that it’s totally insane,
I just wanted to let you know
That I really didn’t want for you to go.

Somewhere out in that great big sea,
Surrounded by sharks is little ol’ me.
Shipwrecked on an island, missing my crew.
Wouldn’t be so scary, if you were here too.

I’ll start a big fire, I’ve got to stay warm.
Dreaming of you, curled up under my arm.
Woke up frozen, did you kick out my sheets?
Like feet off the edge, a park bench in the streets.

How did you find me, was it my towering smoke stack?
Was my voice in your head, coaxing you to come back?
Did you hear my heart thumping, a loud vibrant rhythm?
Or did my light bounce off the sky, just like a prism?

I waited at the falls, getting drizzled with rain
Counting the seconds until you laughed again.
Maybe it’s something you already know,
But I just really didn’t for want you to go.

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