the right to hate – chris mcglade

the right to hate – chris mcglade

The Right to Hate by Chris McGlade

This poem goes out to all those globalists in the world that have divided us and conquered us for so long, and who are trying to do so more than ever now.

You tell me what I can’t say
You censor what I can
You say I’m offensive because I believe my eyes
And I say I see a woman not a man

You call me thick and racist
For not wanting to be a part
Of a rich man’s club in Europe
Or a global new world order
With no soul, or guts, or heart

You throw at me the slave trade
You tell me my four year old grandson is to blame
You point your branding accusing intolerant fingers
And tell me to hang my head in shame

I’m free to have opinions
As long as they fall in line with yours
I can fly my banners high and proud
As long as you support that cause

You have to be right all the time
Yours is the only way
I have to like the things you like
Be they black, trans, left or gay

It makes no difference
If I tell you I’m not the things for which you accuse
Because once you made up your closed off minds
I’m always going to lose

I have black friends
So, you’re still a racist
But I’ve shared beds with gay men

I’m an anti-semite?
But the Rothschilds is the richest banking family in this world
And that’s nothing to do with them being Jewish
And everything to do with them being multi-billionaires
Who really do influence the dollar pound and yen

You sip your Pinot Grigio
In trendy bars down in the smoke
Looking down your noses with loathsome contempt
At billions of working class folk

Well I’ve come here to tell you
That you have had your time
Because the winds of change are blowing
And bells of freedom soon will chime

Because my class
My fucking class
Are waking up and stirring
And we are going to peacefully attack

We are going to breach those PC walls
Of segregation that divided gay straight white and black

I’ve got no malice in my heart
I don’t judge people on their sex or creed or race
I don’t speak ill of absolute cunts behind their backs
Not even the bloke who murdered my dad
I just tell them to their face

So to all you brand in progressive liberals
Who won’t allow debate
I hate no man or woman
I just want the right to hate

I want the right to hate
Like I want the right to love
I want to like and dislike
What I want to like and dislike
And be able to vocalize it bruv

I’m not responsible for slavery
And I’m not taking any blame
Because the white privilege built on black slavery
You say that I enjoy, well

Oprah Winfrey
Floyd Mayweather
Alysha Keys
Jamie Fox
Barack Obama
Et al…

All enjoy the same

Beyonce spent 87 million dollars on a house
Just through shaking that ass
While me and our lass sit at home lamenting
About ways to pay the fucking gas

And I don’t see too much white privilege
In a system that lets East European refugees
Or wounded soldiers live in cardboard boxes

Why do black lives matter
And progressives fail to see
Not all white folks live in stately homes
Chasing fucking foxes

And I’m not homophobic
Or anything phobic you see

Because I don’t fear sex or race or gender
I just won’t bow down to your PC

Don’t confuse my use of slang or racism and bigotry
Don’t confuse my rejection of your shite with spite
Don’t naturally assume I’m thick and racist because I’m northern working class

I’m not
I’m articulate, sharp and bright

And I will not walk a mine field every time I open my mouth to speak
And I will not apologize for things I’ve glibly said or spoke in tongue and cheek
So shape up or fuck off for your madness

Because I’m going to bring you down
I’m going to bring working class people
All people together
Muslim, Christian, white and brown

I’m going to bring those globalist walls of Jericho
Crash them on your brainwashed progressive liberal feet
And I’m going to blow my loving inclusive un-PC fan fare

And your…

Afraid of COVID-19
Unafraid of COVID-19

Divides I will defeat

You globalists
You have divided us and conquered us for way too long
You have taken the piss out of us
And you have laughed at us
And you’ve shared the benefits at the top

Well I have come back to this
Northern working class shrine
In my hometown of Redcar
To tell you
Now really is the time
For your shit to fucking stop