stars in the sky

stars in the sky

he reaches up to her gently
softly kisses her burnt right cheek
a scorching tear drops from her eye
splashing down to a bloody street

bodies lay all around
seemingly frozen in another time
from the silence within his eyes
she hears a hum, his favorite chime

in the middle of a green field
he is dancing in the rain
no more worries or any sadness
no fear and no more pain

but she is left in the gutter
cradling his head in her trembling hands
the silence no longer shuttered
beside her, a shadow now stands

metal dragons rain down death
scorching across a blackened sky
dropping freedom upon innocence
where freedom is just meant to die

sorrow transforms in to rage
as her eyes rise to the heavens
ashes of liberty cover her face
while the devil wickedly beckons

“You took my sweet, little baby!”
“You bastards! God, hear me pray!”
“Why must you leave me in misery?”
“Please, God! Let them pay!”

why God did not just answer her
before another bomb exploded
taking even more souls to darkness
her faith, now totally eroded

a shadow still lingers beside her
turning to look at the growing crowd
above all of the deafening confusion
her sobs were the most loud

“Mama, it’s okay, I’m here.”
“Don’t cry mama, I’m really okay.”
“Please, can’t we just go now?”
“I want to go home, and to play.”

the last little bit of his warmth
now seeped into her cold bare hands
she wipes some ash from his wartorn face
and painfully, she tries to stand

somewhere across the plane
operators blink as stars in the sky
in dark rooms full of fear
it takes a toll, to watch so many die.

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