lost at sea

lost at sea

the whole of last year
flown by far too very fast
the sails had whipped hard
tipping over the mast

blown so very strong
like an easterly wind
his bow dipped down
and oceans poured in

salty streams leaked
from both squinted eyes
fears of lonely days
lurked all through the nights

guided by maps of
love, light and fate
his thawing heart beat
yet still it awaits

waves of raw passion
they ebbed and they flowed
in dreams of him finding
a long losted soul

mornings arose as
lonely gulls crowed
for every day dawned
with or without known

so he sang out a tune
he was deigning to see
would the wind carry his voice
across the cold blue deep

“Ahoy!” he called out,
“I’m lost, out at sea…”

the storm surge passed
rolling waves subdued
over white sandy beaches
a pirate ship lay strewn

amid coughs and sputters
he wheezed and he muttered
he rolled on to his side
questioning how he’d not died

some light among stars
guided his eyes from afar
although smashed upon rocks
he was no longer lost

for it was an island he landed
his destination all along
the wind had carried him safely
she heard his sweet,
pirate song.

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