how come

how come

all my life
been wondering why
questions unanswered
like what makes blue skies

I never did think
questioning reality
in ways that I judged
pure insanity

when I was a boy
with model rocket toys
pointed at the sun
always asking
how come

how come the seas
always find their level

how come the rivers
forever run downhill

how come the clouds
when I don’t

how come I want
to just turn the wheel
and finally see
what I secretly feel

questions no answers
in books full of pictures
facts taught in lectures
were proofs, so I thought

I never believed
something this big
buried so deep
hidden from me

how come the stars
have never once changed

how come the truth
seems so bloody strange

how come our freedoms
are all prearranged

how come I dream
touching walls of the sky
keeps us enclosed
in cold white lies

I once believed
the facts were backed
proven in science
not forced by compliance

how badly their books
have misled us all
spun like tops
dancing on a ball

how come I want
to know when it began
is time just a line
or a loop on rewind

questions unanswered
let lies propagate
makes truth sound crazy
we all learn to hate

damned if I don’t
but damn if I do

look how far
would you dare to go

not that apple

too late
now you know