Earth is a Realm, it is not a Planet

Earth is a Realm, it is not a Planet

“EARTH is a realm, it is not a planet.

It is not an object, therefore, it has no edge.

Earth would be more easily defined as a system environment.

Earth is also a machine, it is a TESLA COIL.

The sun and moon are powered wirelessly with the electromagnetic field (the Aether).

This field also suspends the celestial spheres with electro-magnetic levitation.

Electromagnetic levitation disproves gravity because the only force you need to counter is the electromagnetic force, not gravity.

The stars are attached to the FIRMAMENT.”

– Nikola Telsa (1856 – 1943)

“Oh man, KNOW THYSELF and you shall know the universe and the gods.”

– Delphic Oracle

“I yearn to lead every action with my HEART but I do not do this in order to profess some moral or intellectual high ground,

I lead with my HEART because I have had a lifetime of looking back on the times that I did not and recognized my grave errors in doing so.”

– Claudia Pavonis