crystallized blue crystal eyes

crystallized blue crystal eyes

crystallized blue crystal eyes
blurred out by criss-crossed lies
now toned in sharp focused tight
opening wide to let in the light

brilliant smiles for endless miles
good times dressed in hot fun styles
a heart of gold in soft warm hands
salvation found in the promised lands

as strong as ancient redwood trees
one kiss two lips make buckling knees
dreams so real like fantasies
don’t wake just breath, gently squeeze

rumbles, quakes her world doth shakes
crumbling columns while raising stakes
standing tall when fields lay down
head held high, a queen with her crown

fear will tremble, her powerful stance
slayer of beasts, a diamond tipped lance
knows what she wants, won’t take less
her heart craves more than a simple caress

touched by angels and chased by devils
she wages her battles on so many levels
as every fight ends, another victorious day
slips herself sweetly into his arms, to stay.

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