all lives matter

all lives matter

I felt like I should make a quick follow up regarding the last video that I posted, which was a remix of the poem “The Right To Hate” by Chris McGlade.

His poem has been making the rounds on-line lately, for better and for worse, and there is a lot of mixed feelings regarding the content of the poem.

I myself have received some very negative feedback, even to the point where someone lashed out quite harshly, and effectively terminated any type of friendship that we had and then blocked me from messaging them ever again.

Yes, that person was black. That person felt as if the poem was coming across with a semblance of “what about me” from a sad old white guy, and they interpreted that as a front to the alleged revolution currently happening in the USA and other parts of the world, particularly in the case of the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

While I can understand why there are so many black people, particularly in the USA, who feel that this movement should just be about them, they are simply playing themselves directly in to the same divisive walls that the author of that poem was trying to break down.

The Black Lives Matter movement is a distraction. It is another attempt by the globalists to keep the masses confused, divided and conquering each other. And it’s clearly working.

When people are no longer allowed to say “All Lives Matter”, because that would infer to be including white people too, then this is just another example of blatant racism.

If there is going to be a revolution, it needs to be for everyone. The root of the problem is with the sick psychotic globalist elites who are manipulating the entire world, and causing everyone in it to fight amongst themselves rather than turn their anger and frustration towards the ones who are controlling the Marionette strings. If there is going to be a revolution, it has to be by the people, for the people, with the people, and that is going to include every single person who is not one of the filthy power-hungry pedophiles who run the world’s governments and print the world’s monies.

Turn your angst on to the ones who have been lying to all of us for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Don’t turn on your neighbor who has a different color of skin than you do. They are not necessarily the ones to blame for the state of the world in which we currently live.

The poem is not intended to belittle or debase your feelings of being oppressed or trampled on. The poem is intended to try and show the world that we have all been oppressed and manipulated, and that until you are able to let go of some history book which tells you how you should feel because of something that you’ve been told should not have ever happened, until you are willing to look around and see that we are all in the same boat together, until you are strong enough to say that “this revolution is not just about me or my race or my sex or my creed, but in fact, it is the revolution that is so for all of the people who so desperately need it…”

Until then, our world will continue to burn, and the ones at fault will continue to grow stronger and their steps towards world domination will become bolder.

We need the truth. We need to come together. We need to stop being so fucking sensitive about our own personal feelings, and stand up to the man. Not the white man, or the brown man, or the black man.

To the fucking man that is keeping us in a complete state of chaos.

Where is that man?

Maybe you should try following the money trail.

Pretty soon it’s going to become totally apparent that you, I and the rest of the world have been totally and utterly fooled.

Don’t wait until that moment to have to hang your head in shame.

Stand up tall and strong right now, and tell those sick motherfuckers that no longer will we play their silly little game.